Kyle Gray - Raise Your Vibration with the Angels


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In this enlightening interview, angel expert Kyle Gray shares his spiritual journey and how his relationship to the angels has changed as he has come to know them better. Answering complex questions about how he knows that angels are real, and why some people have witnessed them and others haven’t, he helps dispel many common angel misconceptions and shares fascinating highlights of his own angelic encounters, including the first time he met his guardian angel. In order to connect with the angels we need to raise our vibration at a spiritual, emotional, and physical level through practices that make us feel good, and Kyle explains how this is achievable for everyone. Kyle also introduces listeners to one of the lesser-known archangels, Sandalphon, who looks after Mother Earth and helps take our prayers to heaven. Kyle shares a simple prayer practice to connect to Sandalphon, as well as a daily practice for “cutting the cords” to clear negative energy.

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