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Following the loss of his father before the birth of his only child, and the subsequent loss of his mother to Alzheimer’s disease when his daughter was 2, he realized his daughter would never know her grandparents.

Then after 19 years, starting as a Financial Advisor for E.F. Hutton and finishing as a Sr. VP & Branch Manager for UBS/PaineWebber, he realized that as an industry they do a great job preserving and growing client’s valuables, but they weren’t doing anything to help preserve values.

He is often quoted for his insightful statement; "Wealth that is divorced from the wisdom that created it is too often wasted by heirs."

Following the tragedy of 9-11, he created a ‘do-it-yourself’ Family StoryKeeper Kit as a Christmas gift for clients, asking that they take some time to save something worth more than money. The response was overwhelming. Two years later he made the decision to leave the career he built and made preserving family legacies his life ambition.

He took this "legacy talk" concept to Hospice and with the help of End of Life professionals refined his interview process, and established protocols. Over the next 5 years he trained more than 5,000 Hospice volunteers with more than 800 Hospice organizations to provide this service so that families would be able to keep the memories of their departed loved ones alive in their hearts and minds.

In 2008, he co-founded the "Living Legacy Project", with a mission to capture the living history of the 20th century from those who lived it, while they are still living.

Using his vast experience in senior care, estate planning and wealth management he helped develop the groundbreaking “Legacy Talks Program", which teaches professionals how to engage in Legacy Talks in a way that generates a much higher rate of referrals, client acquisitions and retention. You can learn more about The Living Legacy Project and how to create your own family vault to store your legacy and values by going to

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