Mason Marozas-Why Hiring A Young Advisor Makes Sense


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Episode 34 - Mason is a native of Olathe, KS, and recently had the privilege to graduate from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, where he received his degree in Finance. Mason has always liked to work: he began earning money at the age of twelve and, amazingly, found that he wanted to save the money he had worked so hard to acquire. The lesson he learned was to always save for a purpose.

Mason believes he’s been blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit and a constant desire to learn. It’s become apparent to him that a significant issue many hard-working Americans face is financial health in their retirement. Mason is dedicating his education and current work experience to helping address this issue.

While he may be young, he has two incredible mentors in his father, Kurt Marozas, and Michael Hosford, the founder of Synergy Ph.D. Their direction and guidance give him the knowledge and confidence to believe he can genuinely positively affect financial lives. Mason looks forward to helping many people throughout his chosen career. You can find out more about Mason and his company by visiting:

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