Matt and Joanne Eby, JD. Bringing Estate Planning To The Working Class


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Episode 24 - As Founding Managing Partner of Nth Degree Financial Solutions, Eby, with his wife and Managing Partner Joanne Eby, offer an array of services across the broad spectrum of fiduciary and non-fiduciary products provided by financial institutions, including Trust Departments, Trust Companies, Corporate Trustees, Retirement Plan Services, Custodians, Registered Investment Advisors, and Broker-Dealer Firms.

When ePIC Services Company was taking shape, founder Carter Wilcoxson recognized Eby’s depth and breadth and the valuable contributions he would bring to its board, revolutionizing the trust process for the modern age. “Carter and his team began building a virtual approach to trust, and estate planning and settlement well before the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the industry’s need for digital solutions,” Eby says. “The world has gone online, and what might have happened by 2030 happened in 2020 instead.”

Eby is in a position to help insurance and financial advisors keep pace with that accelerated timeline. For more than 20 years, he educated financial professionals on the trust industry as a subject matter expert at Cannon Financial Institute, a leading professional development firm helping financial professionals gain advanced skill sets. He even designed and built certifications for the trust industry.

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