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Episode 13 - Ask anyone at Youtech to describe Wilbur You, and all descriptions will lead you to the same sentiment: Wilbur is a leader. Eight years ago, however, Wilbur did not have his now 75+ employees to vouch for him. At the age of 21, with a bachelor’s degree from NIU in Computer Science, Wilbur started Youtech & Associates as a one-man operation. In his parents’ basement, he made 100 cold calls a day asking people to give him the opportunity to build their websites. Fast forward five years, and that solo venture is now a full-fledged integrated marketing agency with offices in Naperville, IL, and Scottsdale, AZ.

After incorporating Youtech, Wilbur graduated with his MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management, specializing in startups and business. He has a unique ability to construct personalized marketing strategies for clients and is able to effortlessly bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing methods. As the visionary architect behind Youtech’s ever-growing marketing empire, Wilbur knows how to bootstrap a business from the ground up and keep the arrow pointing in the right direction without outside funding.

Wilbur currently is the CEO and Founder of Award-Winning Marketing Agency Youtech, and also an Advisory Board Member to The Alkaline Water Company or Alkaline88. Wilbur is also a published author with his first book released in 2020 titled Happy, Humble, Motivated.

Wilbur has been selected into the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2021. To Contact Wilbur go to: https://www.youtechagency.com

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