The Benefits (And Drawbacks) Of Pay Transparency | HDM 327


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Have you ever shared how much you earn at work with family or friends? Imagine posting it on social media. That feels scary, right? Well, our guest today did. Pabel Martinez shares with us why he did it, the benefits (and drawbacks) of his pay transparency and what happened as a result.

Pabel Martinez is a New York native, storyteller, and former tech executive. His mission in life became to redefine professionalism by empowering authenticity. In 2020, he launched Plurawl to bring this mission to life.

You will also hear the following in today’s episode:

  • Pabel’s thoughts on pay transparency and the reason why he shared his salary publicly.
  • A tip for those who want to have more open conversations on pay transparency and its benefits.
  • What Pabel experienced and observed after the public post which revealed his salary.
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