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Being proud of where you come from and passing it on to your kids is part of keeping your legacy alive. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you live, it’s about celebrating your roots. In this episode, Janny Perez is here to share how you can be creating a legacy your abuela can be proud of.

Janny Perez is the founder of Mi Legasi, an online blog, platform, and community for these parents. She is also the host of The Latina Mom Legacy podcast and has been featured in Oprah Daily, Hip Latina, and Fierce by Mitu to name a few.

You will also hear the following in today’s episode:

  • How her mother’s advice has influenced her financial life to this day
  • What led her to work supporting moms in raising bilingual kids
  • What the “mi abuela would be proud” legacy is and what it means to her
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