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I'm convinced only complete pyschopaths know how to calmly write their bio when asked, so let's give this a try. I'm Dan Holguin or my more professional title, Rasta Runner. I'm a mindset & fitness coach to high performers and transformational speaker. I've been grateful enough to have had some incredible life experiences from a career in bull riding, becoming a best-selling author, fulfilling a childhood dream of summiting Machu Picchu, competing on American Ninja Warrior a couple times, and now training and competing for mountain ultra marathons. That's the highlight reel; but I've also had my share of tragedy; like most of us. After unexpectedly losing my longtime coach and mentor, I found myself at what you could call, 'rock bottom'. I gained 30 lbs, went broke, and moved back in with my mom...good times. But after becoming a victim to everything that happened, I decided it was time to fight my way out of the hole I created. Since then, I've led people to lose a ton of weight; literally, over 2,000 lbs in just a few years. It's been pretty rad! As a result, they've named me 'Montana Fitness Coach of the Year' a few times. Currently, I live in the middle of the mountains on a ranch in beautiful Northwest Montana and I live and breath long-distance mountain running in Glacier National Park. So whatcha think? How'd I do?

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