512: How to be an Inclusive Leader with Dr. Rob Owens, Leadership & Mindset Performance Coach


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Dr. Rob Elliott Owens, CMPC, CSCS, BCC is a leadership and mindset performance coach trained in the mental and physical aspects of human performance. He currently consults with healthcare and business executives. He is the former chair of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Diversity Committee, and co-facilitated AASP’s Diversity in Sport and Culture course from 2017 until 2021. He currently serves on the certification council for the Certified Mental Performance Consultant credential. In addition to his coaching work, Dr. Owens has taught workshops and college-level courses on leadership development; diversity and inclusion; positive coaching; health and wellness; and group, team, and organizational dynamics. He is a board-certified coach and a nationally certified counselor.

In this interview, Rob and Cindra discuss:

  • Mindset practices needed to thrive
  • What is means to be a humble leader
  • How to be cultural inclusive
  • What we should consider about culture when working with people


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