Moeller, Kings and Wyoming prepare for the state Final Four


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This Thanksgiving week represents a significant start to the Week 15 high school football schedule.

Indiana plays host to it state finals at Lucas Oil Stadium with East Central (Class 4A) and Lawrenceburg (Class 3A) this weekend.

Ohio and Kentucky are in the state semifinals starting Friday night.

Newport Central Catholic (Class 1A), Lloyd and Beechwood (Class 2A) are the Northern Kentucky representatives in the Kentucky High School Athletic Association state Final Four.

Moeller (Division I) and Kings (Division II) play respective state semifinals Friday night while Wyoming (Division IV) plays Saturday night.

The WCPO High School Insider delves into the Ohio High School Athletic Association state Final Four with interviews with Moeller coach Mark Elder, Kings coach Alex Garvin and Wyoming coach Aaron Hancock.

The coaches also reflect on what they're thankful for as the teams practice on Thursday and prepare to travel to the state semifinal games in Divisions I-III.

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