46 - The Treaty of Senlis


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In March 1492, the town burghers and knights of Guelders hailed Charles of Egmont as their duke, beginning a four decade period of bitter, contested conflict with the Habsburg Burgundian state. That’s right, just as the revolts in Flanders came to an end with the surrender of Sluis, the football of violent defiance was handballed from Flanders to Guelders. But across most of the Low Countries, a period of relative calm would ensue, as the prins naturel of Burgundy, Philip the Handsome, was now 14 years old and would soon come to rule in his own right, deflating the angst people had at being governed by a foreign prince for the past 15 years. The final siren on this era of instability was blown on May 23, 1493, with the signing of the Treaty of Senlis between Charles VIII and Maximilian. This treaty released Margaret of Austria from captivity in France and saw the counties of Artois, Burgundy and Charolais returned to team Habsburg. Not long after Senlis, Emperor Frederick III would die, essentially elevating Maximilian to that role. The times they were a-changin’, which is basically what all times do. And these were certainly times.

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