165. Reasons to recover your period that aren't about pregnancy


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This week we're expanding on a question received in the weekly Q&A's both myself and Elyse do on our Instagram which is "why should I recover my period if I don't want to get pregnant? What are the benefits of having a menstrual cycle other than fertility?"

We thought it was an amazing topic to expand upon which is why we're dedicating an entire episode to it!

In today's podcast Elyse and I discuss:

  • How regaining your cycle can improve your bone health
  • What amount of bone you may be able to build back after HA recovery if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis
  • The role estrogen plays in cardioprotection and our overall heart health
  • The impact regaining your period can have on your libido, sexual health and pleasure
  • How recovering from HA and regaining your period will lead to better bladder function (so you're not peeing all the time!)
  • Brain boosting effects of estrogen and how this promotes better energy and concentration
  • Why regaining your period can also mean more gains in the gym through improved muscular strength and size
  • The role progesterone plays in mood regulation
  • Benefits of recovering your period on improving your relationship with food and exercise
  • Why diving deep and finding your reasons for recovery is so important to staying the course of HA recovery
  • Plus we share our own personal reasons for recover and helpful advice for anyone on the fence uncertain about committing to recovery

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