Biden’s 2023 Defense Budget


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With the increase in the 2023 defense budget predicted to be in the 100 billions, there has been much controversy over the announcement. In this episode, we will discuss the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act and Biden’s and the Senate’s controversial increases in defense budget. We will explore the various responses from both political parties as well as what the new defense budget means for Biden’s foreign policy priorities. In order to explain the current discussions around the NDAA and what this increase means for the future of the Biden Administration, joining us today on the podcast is Michael E. O’Hanlon.

Michael E. O’Hanlon is a senior fellow and director of research in Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution, where he specializes in U.S. defense strategy, the use of military force, and American national security policy. He directs the Center on Security, Strategy and Technology, as well as the Defense Industrial Base working group, and will be the inaugural holder of the Philip H. Knight Chair in Defense and Strategy. He is an adjunct professor at Columbia, Georgetown, and George Washington universities, and a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Biden’s 2023 Defense Budget

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