Climate Policy Debates


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People around the world have seen the effects of climate change – such as droughts, rising ocean levels, and changing weather patterns – that have exacerbated ongoing food and health crises. These are all alarming reminders that the existential deadlines for international climate goals are fast-approaching. A global energy crisis prompted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine further complicates this reality. Amidst this crisis, what are policy makers doing about reaching international climate goals? What are “green growth” versus “degrowth” policies and what are their respective appeal? To discuss current climate and energy policies, particularly in Europe, as well as the future of global climate policy, we are joined today by Mr. Klaas Lenaerts.

Klaas works at Bruegel as a Research Analyst. He holds a Master’s in Economics from the KU Leuven and in European Economic Studies from the College of Europe. Klaas has a broad background in economics and European affairs. Before joining Bruegel he did a traineeship at the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the EU, where he worked on enlargement discussions, and at the European Securities and Markets Authority in Paris, where he contributed mainly to the work of the Risk Analysis and Economics department on such topics as crypto regulation and sustainable finance. His fields of interest include European climate policy and Eurozone governance, as well as external relations and trade.

Climate Policy Debates

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