Healthy Boundaries


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How do you establish healthy boundaries with your horse?
Like with other humans, it is important to know what our boundaries are, how we can properly enforce them, and how to stay consistent in what we expect from others.
Well, with horses it's the same. To one person, a boundary could be they don't want to be rubbed on by their horse, but for someone else, they may not mind.
It's especially important to establish your boundaries early to ensure you and your horse will be on the same page throughout your training.
The same goes for your horse's boundaries, believe it or not, they can also set boundaries. What we have to learn is whether their behaviour is genuine in that they really don't like something or is it that they are just being stubborn or testing us.
Find out how I had to set boundaries with my two-year-old and find out how you can set some of your own.

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