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Danny, Growing Up Gay & Creative is a collection of fifty full-color drawings based on my memories of growing up “different”. All along the way of development, I was told I was doing it wrong. Like all gay or creative kids, I knew I was different from the others and they knew it too. I wanted to create this book to help illustrate those moments, but also to help the reader remember their own stories. I wasn’t the only little boy who put on something fun and tried to entertain their parent’s guests, I’m sure of it. If you grew up with a different point of view, this book is for you. Flip the pages and watch Danny grow from birth to eighteen in fifty drawings. Each page a step in personal discovery. When I grew up there was no help for me. There was no one telling me that I was fine just as I am. I needed to make sure that the adult me sent out the word that you are not only fine but beautiful. Be you. It’s your life and the people who love you deserve to know you not the person you play. If you have someone in your life who doesn’t fit the mold, I hope this book helps you to see it’s OK to be different. Enjoy Danny’s growing up. I did! —Dan Crowley, Author & Artist

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