Looking for Home has Never Been Easier!


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The new Keller Williams mobile app will allow you to look at available homes as you drive down the street looking at them. This will vastly simplify your home search, as it allows you to look at homes in real time, and you can see the price and other important details.
This app will showcase homes that are nearest to you because it tracks your location with GPS, but you can also search specific neighborhoods for specific property types. If you find a home you like, you can then swipe through the pictures and see the home.
If you'd like to use this app, please click on this link and follow the directions: http://app.kw.com/KW2MO3641/
This app is also compatible with your iPad, and if you're travelling, this app will work in whatever neighborhood you find yourself in. There really isn't any reason why you shouldn't be using this app. You can use it on the go, or you can utilize it from the comfort of your own home.
As always, if you need any assistance buying or selling in Idaho Falls, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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