What Role Does Curb Appeal Play When Selling in Idaho Falls?


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So, you're thinking about selling your home, and wondering what you're going to do. Most people start with the inside of the house, which is important, but they don't realize how crucial it is to make the exterior of the home look perfect.

The key is to get potential buyers in the door, and that will never happen if the outside of your home is in disrepair. Many people will see the front of your home first, and if it doesn't look nice, they won't even bother to investigate further. Here's our advice:
Start at the curb: Look at your house and be objective. Are your hedges well-trimmed? Is your landscaping neat and tidy? Have you power sprayed the front of your house? Is the door well-painted? Remember, from the outside in you need to have every detail taken care of because people are making judgments from the outside about how your home is taken care of on the inside.

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