What’s Going on in Idaho Falls?


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We are here today to give you an update on how the Idaho Falls real estate market has performed so far in 2015. Today we are going to provide you with the latest statistics, while comparing them to last year’s numbers to demonstrate where we have seen growth in the market.

I’ve mentioned in the past that inventory has been low in Bonneville County, and that fact still holds true. In fact, inventory is down 30% from last year and some price ranges are seeing half of the inventory they were seeing at this point in 2014.
Homes are selling extremely quickly if properly priced. Right now, we are up 33% in closed sales as compared to last year.
The average days on market is down as well, from 103 this time last year to just about 90 days right now. This is a measure of time from when the home is listed until an offer is accepted.
Everyone wants to know about home values, and if they are going up or not. We are happy to report steady home appreciation over last year. Home values have risen an impressive and healthy 4% from last year.

We have plenty more statistics where these come from. If you would like to take a look at them, just send us a quick email and we can send you a report immediately. We would love to hear from you!

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