7.1 – "Lessons"


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Welcome to Big Freaky Cereal Boxes of Death, also known as If the Apocalypse Comes, Beep Me! This week, we learn some things about ourselves in Season 7’s premiere, “Lessons.”

In this episode, we talk

  • Plot and Firsts and Endurance Facts (2:45)
  • Initial Thoughts — and a treatise on power (24:15)
  • What’s the deal with magic? (31:15)
  • Who the fuck are you? (38:15)
  • The New Scoobies (43:30)
  • Logistical Roundup: Spike, Xander, Angel, First (46:30)
  • Yelling (58:30)
  • Watches (1:31:45)
  • Rankings — and our season premiere rankings(1:38:15)

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