The SHOCKING ROOT CAUSE Of Alzheimer's & The DAILY HACKS To Prevent It! | Max Lugavere


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On Today's Episode:
How shocking is it to think that by the time you are in your 30s and 40s that your brain is already showing signs of Alzheimer’s. There is no immediate cure, YET, but there are things we can do to protect our brains around our diet and knowledge that we can actually apply and put into action.
Max Lugavere is a wellness journalist, NY Times best-selling author and host of the Genius Life Podcast that geeks out on what it takes to get your health on point. His take on foods we should eat more of and things we should eat less of are based on science and filled with compassion.
In this information rich episode Max and Tom cover a lot of ground on everything from knowing your precursors to Alzheimers, to foods you should be eating, oils you should be avoiding, to environmental concerns you need to be aware of and more. And if you thought your dental hygiene was on point, guess again. Max may ruin your daily use of mouthwash but will help you see why you need to adopt this dental habit instead!
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“Alzheimer’s disease begins in the brain 30 to 40 years if not longer before the first symptom.”
“Lead your loved one to a greater vision of life, [...] you can’t do it with force and you can’t do it with aggression.”
“Whether or not you’re concerned about your risk for disease in the long term, all these things actually help you feel great in the here and now.”
“Approach these oils with great caution because they didn’t exist in the human food supply 200 years ago.”
“Who in their right mind would think that it makes sense to sterilize the oral cavity every single day? You’re supposed to have bacteria in your mouth.”
“People who consume more meat, and especially processed meat, tend to have worse health outcomes.”
“Low-fat vegetarian diets are associated with reduced testosterone. It’s not like plants don’t have a potential down-side.”
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