These DAILY HABITS Will Prime Your Brain For FOCUS & PRODUCTIVITY In 3 Days | Tom Bilyeu


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On Today's Episode:
You know why you need to develop good habits and how important it is to have the right routines in place, but knowing HOW to execute and get them in place is a different obstacle many of us stumble over. Being able to optimize your morning and evening routines are the foundation of any successful journey.
The key is they’re both linked to your mindset and desire. Get your pen and paper ready to take notes as Tom exposes all the ways for you to not just optimize your routines and habits, but also optimize your cognition, master motivation, and develop the desire you need to pull you through the tougher days ahead. There is no magic formula to success.
It’s grit, hard work, and lots of sacrifice and self-discipline. You can’t procrastinate your way there, and you can’t only sort of want it. Catch the level of energy Tom puts into sharing these strategies and tips with you, then go and execute.
“When you start the day, if you get early momentum going, the rest of the day is going to follow.”
“When you’re struggling to get something done, you have a desire problem.”
“Success is a game of problem solving, but you have to really want to solve that problem.”
“When you can change state at will simply by remembering the kind of people you’re trying to help, [...] when you get tired, when you’re procrastinating, when you feel lazy you can tap into that, the desire kicks in and now you’ve got the juice you need to push forward.”
“If you’re anti-work, if you’re looking ways to be lazy, you’re going to get your lunch f*king eaten.”
“Know what you want, Build the desire to get there. Put in rules that optimize your time and get rid of any and all excuses and weak moments.”
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