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On Today's Episode:
Being a high achiever comes with many challenges and there are so many insights into how to optimize for success with your time, your performance, and even your neurochemistry. When you can get into a state of flow, the tasks that require your focus to achieve higher levels of success become almost effortless.
Do you know how to tap into flow at will and truly achieve peak performance? When it comes to studying flow, peak performance both mental and physical, and the neurobiology of doing the impossible, Steven Kotler is at the top with the Flow Research Collective.
Steven is NY Times bestselling author with two Pulitzer Prize nominations, and over a dozen books all worth reading. In this episode, Steven shares his research and insights into The Art of Impossible. From unpacking the habit of inferiority to why “Never Trust Dopamine” is a thing, Steven knocks is out of the park on how flow state, goal setting, and the pursuit of greatness are all tied into achieving the unachievable. Stop settling for mediocre and start moving towards your own personal greatness.
Check out the Art of Impossible:
“We’ve gotten used to performing at a mediocre level and that’s what we expect, [...] when you level set at mediocre it is going to take extraordinary amounts of motivation and energy to get up to super expert.”
“Self-awareness is an art form.”
“Psychology is a metaphor for neurobiology.”
“Passion is literally the intersection of multiple curiosities.”
“Flow follows focus, it only shows up when all of our attention is in the right here right now.” “We are goal directed creatures. We are either shaped by our fears or our goals.”
“Goal setting is both about driving motivation and filtering reality. Our goals filter our reality.”
“As a journalist, you’re taught that the best room to be in is the room where you’re the dumbest.” “Being in a good mood is one of the best hacks for creativity.”
“When you’re in flow, risk taking is up and long term planning is down, [...] have big dreams in flow, but verify them in reality.”
“I’m not saying don’t learn the weird ass sh*t, but know this is the line and once you step over this line it’s an open question.”
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