#0: Introducing Inside Contemporary Dance


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What, who, where, and why?
Amit Abend is introducing her new podcast “Inside Contemporary Dance.”
Stay tuned to our first episode featuring the one and only: Pau Aran Gimeno!
Follow Inside Contemporary Dance:
Instagram: @Insidecontemporarydance
Website: www.insidecontamporarydance.com
Many thanks to:
Ariel Isakowitz - Texts editor, general consultor, & dear friend.
Carl Albrecht - Mix and sound.
Marco Dray - Original music.
Dagmara Śliwińska - Podcast cover photographer.
Moritz Wright - Podcast cover photo design.
Thomas Bewernick - Sound, recording, & being there every step of the way.
My dear family - Because I love you.
Last but not least - YOU. My dear listeners. You are the life and spirit behind the podcast.

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