Episode 164 - Swollen He-Man Looking Figure


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An unplanned week off due to illness has a jam-packed 90 minutes worth of content on this week's episode of the Intentional Foul. We start all the way back to two weeks ago and some final thoughts on Packers/Bears before jumping back into this past weekend's matchups...couple upsets in there and a lot of injuries as well. Also: Brett Favre might not be a great guy. Week 4 has some highlighted games towards the back end of the schedule. In college football, the Badgers get embarrassed and maybe a whole philosophical overhaul for the program is needed...but could/would it happen...? Brewers are hanging on for dear life in the race for the postseason as the home stretch of the season has started. The Bucks had media day Sunday...who knew?! And the preseason begins this weekend. Plus the high school football season has only three weeks left, but the conference schedule is just beginning for UW-Whitewater. All that and more crammed into this week's episode. Thanks for listening. Tell your friends.

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