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Our bonus episode today is part of our new BOOK CLUB SERIES on the Intuitive Eating for Christian Women podcast. Join us as we talk with Tracy Brown about her special FREE Healing Audio Series that we’re going to treat just like an audio book.

We all need healing from deep wounds and strongholds. Tracy Brown co-created this FREE audio series to help us find healing directly from God’s Word. The entire series has 15 teachings available, but we will be focusing on just three (3) for the book club: healing rejection, healing shame, and healing identity.

Become a monthly member and join us for our members only Book Club Meeting featuring a live Q&A with audio series co-creator Tracy Brown on October 4, 2022 at 12:00 pm EST.

In today’s book club series episode we dig into:

- The God story behind the creation of this Healing Audio Series

- An overview of the healing audio series and what you can expect from listening rather than reading this month

- How rejection, shame and identity are relevant in our relationship with food and body

- Healing Rejection and Its Effects

- Healing Shame and Its Effects

- Healing Identity and Its Effects

- The importance of healing our ability to be in relationship with God and others

- Your invitation to join us for the members only Book Club Meeting on October 4, 2022 at 12:00 pm EST

- Tracy’s prayer for women listening to the Healing Audio Series


Access the links to listen to the FREE Healing Audio Series on our Book Club page here:

Learn more about the Book Club here:

Join our Monthly Membership program here:

Listen to Tracy’s past interview with us on Episode 40 Healing from Trauma and Disordered Eating with Tracy Brown here:


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