Spotify Number BIYKE - Its FAKs Podcast - [63] 12/07/20


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Host Da Don DJ Spyda Guest Airy A Music The show starts out with a Coronavirus warning because we want all of our new listeners to be healthy. They briefly celebrate the podcasts growth and take a moment to bask in their hard work. News has broken about the latest Versus match up of Ashanti vs Keisha Cole. Next up they discuss the drama of the Larsa Pippen being caught out in the open with Malik Beasly and the fall out. Airy then brings up Lil Waynes latest mixtape and breaks town her feelings on the Goats music. Listen to one of Central Florida's most opinionated podcast personalities discuss the latest in Hip-Hop music, today's news, and more. DJ Spyda is occasionally is joined in discussion by unique guests who share their opinions on whatever they can fathom.

63 episode