IVM Hour Week 10 - 19th to 23rd April


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It’s the IVM Hour on Rukus Avenue Radio–India’s biggest podcast network is bringing you this week's best episodes: 'Cyrus Broacha' on 'Cyrus Says' is joined by one of Bollywood's leading Casting Directors 'Mukesh Chhabra' where he talks about his accomplished and upcoming projects, 'Mahrukh Inayet' talks to Dr. Bipin Doshi about the ongoing second wave of the Coronavirus on 'The Note', Our 'Habit Coach' 'Ashdin Doctor' shares a lesson about keeping calm from an event in History, 'Dr. Daniel Markey' joins 'Hamsini Hariharan' on 'States of Anarchy' to discuss Biden's Asia Policy, and on Simblified- Tony, Chuck, Naren & Srikeit talk about the VR headsets deal between Microsoft and the US Department of Defence.
It’s a power-packed hour so make sure you tune in!

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