IVM Hour Week 13 - 10th to 14th May


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It’s the IVM Hour on Rukus Avenue Radio–India’s biggest podcast network is bringing you this week's best episodes: 'Cyrus Broacha' on 'Cyrus Says' is joined by his mum 'Olivia' this time, On 'The Habit Coach', we had 'Sarah Jane Dias' joining 'Ashdin Doctor' to talk about the various aspects of wellness, 'Utsav Mamoria' visits Dadar on 'Postcards from Nowhere', 'Mahrukh Inayet' has a discussion about the foreign media coverage of the Indian Government with 'Amitabh Mattoo' in 'The Note', and 'Hamsini Hariharan' answers some questions on post-Covid geopolitical relations on 'States of Anarchy'.
It’s a power-packed hour so make sure you tune in!

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