IVM Hour Week 7 - 29th March to 2nd April


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It’s the IVM Hour on Rukus Avenue Radio–India’s biggest podcast network is bringing you this week's best episodes: 'Cyrus Broacha' on 'Cyrus Says' is joined by 'Vasanthi Hariprakash' who is on a solo trip to West Bengal to cover the ongoing state elections, the 'Simblified' gang talks about Non Fungible Tokens, Our 'Travelling Professor' 'Siddharth Deshmukh' wonders where have all the tiktokers gone? Joining 'Gauri Devidayal' on 'This Round Is On Me' is 'Arif Khan' who is looking forward to representing India in Skiing at the upcoming Beijing Olympics; our 'Habit Coach' 'Ashdin Doctor' tells us the importance of the first 5 minutes after waking up in the morning, and last but not the least there is 'Utsav Mamoria' talking about dark tourism in 'Postcards from Nowhere'.
It’s a power-packed hour so make sure you tune in!

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