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Ever wonder why you feel like you belong in some groups and the black sheep in others? In this episode, the Javascript dudes sit down with Brett Haralson, a software developer and manager at Wix who’s learned the fundamentals of cultivating world-class communities. They discuss what Brett does FIRST to start building a community, how to handle negativity before and when it pops up, and what you NEED to do after you “find your tribe”.

“It’s the relationships and friendships made that are life-changing. To create a community, you need to make people feel like they belong.”

  • Brett

In This Episode:
What Brett looks for FIRST to build a life-long and robust community (not just an Instagram following)
Worried about negativity in your community? Brett lays out how to “safeguard the spirit” and integrate critique productively (and how to boot out the jerks)
Brett’s go-to steps to quickly become a valued member of any community (hint-hint: it’s about lingo and value)
Once you “find your tribe”, Brett shares what you NEED to do to keep your communities alive and thriving

Roundtable Picks:

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Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil books
Foundation TV show

Lost Cities board game
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
Wheel of Time TV show

Connect with Brett:

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