Friday, August 12, 2022 - Where's today's podcast? Would you believe ... THEDOGATEIT?


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A relatively straightforward Friday crossword, with some elegant subtleties in the grid that need to be seen to be appreciated. For instance, let us draw your attention to the intersection of 54A, Response to someone who got the answer instantly, YOUNAILEDIT, and 36D, Crushed a test, ACEDIT. [That was apparently the section of the grid devoted to smarties.] We also had 21A, _____ blanc, VIN, and 45A, _____ noire, BETE (where blanc is white and noire is black, in French). Finally we had 28A, Fictional weapon of the 23rd century, PHASER, and 9D, More, on a score, PIU, which is, as all good Trekkies know, the sound that a PHASER makes, as in PIU, PIU, PIU.
For Fun Fact Friday, we had a listener, and a soon-to-be-published crossword constructor (!) email us our fun fact for the day, so be sure and tune into that as well.

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