Saturday, July 23, 2022 - This crossword deserves a CHEFSKISS


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A majorly difficult Saturday crossword, with a fair number of rarely mentioned celebrities (at least here in 2022). Even the most recent, 18A, Defense secretary under Obama, PANETTA, is not exactly a household name; 31A, First person to fly solo around the world (1933), WILEYPOST, probably also isn't a frequent topic at the kitchen table; and 27A, Marion ________, Best actress winner for "La Vie en Rose", COTILLARD, was a new name for Mike, and a spelling challenge for Jean.
In other news, it's Saturday, and we've scoured the last 7 days to find the crossword that we feel deserves that CHEFSKISS., aka the JAMCOTWA (Jean And Mike Crossword Of The Week Award). For all the deets, just download, listen up, and enjoy!

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