Thursday, June 30, 2022 - As a famous soothsayer once soothed, beware the I's of June -- or something like that


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A brilliant Thursday crossword by Samuel A. Donaldson and Doug Peterson, that starts off -- as all great Thursday crosswords do -- by imbuing the solver with a sense of befuddlement and disbelief. Then, with a little luck, or in this particular case with a lot of luck, the answer emerges from the fog, and the solver can bask in the radiance of a job well done. Forgive us for waxing poetic here, but as you'll see in today's episode (or by looking at the grid - go to, it truly is a work of art (well, technically, a work of Samuel and Doug, but you know what we mean!).
In other news, we have listener mail from Rob Baker, the author of -- speaking of ides -- the June 15th crossword. It was brilliant, as we stated then and wish to reiterate now. For more info on his amazing story, check out Rob's bio and tv interview.

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