Tuesday, July 5, 2022 - More SALAD? YOINK!


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Today's crossword is an homage to Taylor SWIFT, but even if you can't hum FEARLESS or SHAKEITOFF, fear not - the clues are straightforward (respectively 20A, Like daredevils, informally, and 41A, Get over a minor injury, say) and the crosses gentle. Beyond that, we have to pause in admiration of the inclusion of YOINK, which Mike originally took to be YOIK, as immortalized by Daffy Duck, but the crosses fortunately helped straighten him out.
In other news, it's Triplet Tuesday, and this time it's Jean's turn in the hot seat. Will she set the world on fire? Or flame out? You'll need to download, subscribe, listen up, etc., to find out.

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