Episode 99 Dennis David and Dan Marvin Speak on the Men Who Killed Kennedy


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Episode 99 is the last episode in the autopsy series and the last episode covering the story of William Bruce Pitzer. In this episode, your hear directly from Dan Marvin and Dennis David in their own words, Did Pitzer commit suicide, or was he murdered? In the previous episode 98, we first explore the question of whether Lieutenant Commander William Bruce Pitzer engaged in taking a clandestine film of the autopsy the night of November 22nd at Bethesda, and whether he was engaged in a possible plan to expose this evidence. Evidence that would have blown the case wide open and which most certainly would have affirmed that JFK was shot from the front, thereby confirming the existence of a conspiracy. There is much more to reveal, so join us in this 35th episode related to the autopsy as we finish up coverage of the autopsy and begin to open the next chapter in our journey that is JFK the Enduring Secret. Join us for the whole series of episodes about the fantastic goings on that encompass this part of the JFK story. There are more direct forensics to come in later forensics episodes. Stay tuned, and eventually we'll explore more of the physical evidence involving use and ownership of the Mannlicher Carcano rifle and evidence recovered from the Presidential limousine, as well as damage done to the vehicle.
Our episodes have now begun to explore an array of matters that dive into a deeper darkness related to what went on that day in Dallas and in the period before and after the assassination. Matters that possibly point to a wider and more sinister plot to kill the president and that clearly call into question the theory that there was a lone assassin. Complex cases without an eyewitness that can actually identify the shooter make the forensic and circumstantial evidence that much more important. Ironically, problems abound with much of the evidence in this case. Evidence that is complex, incomplete and sometimes conflicting.
Even as early as 1964, rumors and serious concerns over the lone gunman theory and the evidence that might contravene it, were becoming a major concern for the government and the commission. Conspiracy theories were contrary to the government's stated narrative from the very beginning. Stay tuned as there are many more episodes to come!
This series comprehensively explores the major facts, themes, and events leading up to the assassination in Dealey Plaza and the equally gripping stories surrounding the subsequent investigation. We review key elements of the Warren Commission Report , and the role of the CIA and FBI. We explore the possible involvement of the Mafia in the murder and the review of that topic by the government's House Select Committee on Assassinations in the 1970's. We explore the Jim Garrison investigation and the work of other key figures such as Mark Lane and others. Learn more about Lee Harvey Oswald the suspected killer and Jack Ruby the distraught Dallas night club owner with underworld ties and the man that killed Oswald as a national TV audience was watching. Stay with us as we take you through the facts and theories in bite sized discussions that are designed to educate, and inform as well as entertain the audience. This real life story is more fascinating than fiction. No matter whether you are a serious researcher or a casual student, you will enjoy the fact filled narrative and story as we relive one of the most shocking moments in American History. An event that changed the nation and changed the world forever.

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