Episode 3 - Pilar Wayne


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In this episode of the John Wayne Gritcast, Ethan Wayne sits down with his mother, Pilar Wayne. Pilar & Ethan are also joined by Marisa and the three sit down at Pilar’s dining room table and discuss her very interesting life.

She details her earliest memories of growing up in Peru, witnessing the loss of her father, and having to go to work to help support her family. She also talks about meeting John Wayne and how the two fell madly in love.

What was it like being married to John Wayne? She discusses getting married in Hawaii and how she wanted to be a mother. She also talks about her relationship with John Wayne’s oldest children and having a blended family. She also details traveling around the world so the family could be together on set and life on the Wild Goose.

Pilar also answers questions from the fans like what are the challenges being married to a movie star, her favorite John Wayne film, and her secret to a long and happy life.

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