Ep 260: Collect the Cash (3 AR Pillars to Stay Profitable & Fix Cash Flow Issues)


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Got collections issues? Monies owed but not yet in your bank account?

In this episode, my guest reveals her 3-step Accounts Receivables process that allowed her to collect millions in days.

Meet Dr. Dee Bowden, Revenue Recovery Specialist, Collections Consultant & Author of the acclaimed book Collect the Cash. She works with small businesses teaching them how to collect outstanding invoices to improve (& solve) their cash flow problems and stay profitable.

Her revenue recovery strategies have been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, VIP Global, and Black Enterprise and Thrive Global Magazines

While this subject can tend to be boring, Dee is anything but! Her zest for Christ and for her work is contagious.

Listen to hear:

- Dee's personal story: after collecting $6 Million dollars in 60 days while working for a small IT company, Dee recognized small businesses needed help collecting their outstanding invoices.

- learn what Accounts Receivables is (and how they impact cash flow & profitability) & why outstanding invoices MUST be collected)

- the 3 simple steps to recover YOUR money (& how to handle collection calls).

PLUS Dee identifies the tracker she uses to stay organized (as well as some of her favorite Bible verses)

You'll leave this episode feeling prepared & empowered to reach out to your clients to collect monies owed. #keepitsimple

>>Find our more about Dee & her work: https://collectthecash.biz/

>> Get a signed copy of her book: https://collectthecash.biz/book/

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