Ep 262: Not Attracting the Right Client? Here's Why!


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Frustrated because it seems you're attracting people who aren't serious, aren't ready to invest OR are tire-kickers?

It's a common problem.

In today's Thriver Thursday LIVE, I reveal exactly WHY this is happening. (Once you learn what it is, you'll be like: 'how did I miss that...it's so obvious')

Watch as I then break down what to do differently to create a different result: that is, get YOUR people (ie, your best clients) reaching out to you to learn more about working with you.

I also share 3 do-able strategies for upleveling your copy and your messaging, so it grabs the attention of the very people you want to serve.

Take action on these strategies and you may see dramatically different results...and sooner than you think!

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