Ep 263: Financial Wholeness - Creating Your Money Masterpiece & Finishing Well


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Money can be a tough issue, wrought with stories (& beliefs) that don't serve us. Perhaps some rooted in misunderstanding of Scripture (ex. believing that the root of all evil is money, when in fact it is the LOVE of money)

This episode features a passionate woman of God, Amie Uitvlugt, QAFP. Money coach extraordinaire, certified life coach, qualified associate financial planner and the host of the Share the Manual Podcast. She is the Founder of You Insure, a company focused on learning your why & what you value so that she can equip you with a roadmap that empowers you to experience what Amie calls 'financial wholeness'. And allow you to financially finish well.

Listen as Amie offers impeccable insight into creating YOUR money masterpiece:

- our money stories (& how they have contributed to our current situation with your money)

- uncovering patterns, both good and bad (which may reveal some hidden saboteurs that hinder your financial future).

- what is 'financial wholeness' and why we want it

- live, give, owe, grow (a model that leads to a life of significance)

You'll leave with a deeper understanding of the truth that you your were made for more, a truly abundant life. So that all aspects of your financial life work together for your greatest good, your biggest benefit & your richest life!

Find out more about Amie & her work: https://linktr.ee/YouInsureInc

We are globally-ranked as a Top Christian Podcast by Feedspot: https://blog.feedspot.com/christian_business_podcasts/ (praise You Jesus...all glory is yours)

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