Ep 266: Uncommon & Highly Effective Marketing 'Dos & Don'ts'


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Have tons of marketing ideas but unsure which will work? OR what to do first?

This episode is for YOU!

Meet Nicole Schmied. Entrepreneur. Marketer. New Podcaster. Boy Mom. Happy Wife. Jesus Lover. CEO & Founder of SmartCookie Media and the Creator of the Serial Entrepreneur Show podcast.

Listen to learn: - the real power in compelling storytelling (implement this to make writing story easier than ever) - how Nicole's expertise resulted in more high quality leads for her client than she could possibly service, in a YEAR - what makes big brands memorable (and how YOU can do the same for your business) - how you can use VIP Days to transform your business (and reclaim your time) - how 'shiny object syndrome' and multi-tasking may be something you should lean into and leverage as a strength - whether going all-in on one marketing strategy is best for you - why 100 of the right followers can get you achieve any goal

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