Ep 268: A faith story: from 'failure' to 'impossible' success


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The power of your Christian business is in the fact that it's not only faith-based but faith-fueled.

Meet Faith Bynum Patterson, CPA. Woman of the Lord Jesus. Founder of Faith Bynum, CPA PC. A licensed Certified Public Accountant since 2012, Faith started her practice right out of the gate. You’ll hear her story from start up to massive success.

Faith is an Author (her book is called: Build Faith in Your Business), speaker and entrepreneur. She's an award winner many times over, including the 2021 Local Entreperneur Community Supporter Award and the 2020 '40 under 40' alumni award from her alma mater, N. Carolina Central University.

Faith’s passion is to educate people in finances and entrepreneurship. She’s a mom on mission to help others grow and develop their passion and purpose.

Listen as Faith shares the early days, including what she did to endure as she studied to pass her CPA exams. And she walks us through the days of building her business, including lessons she learned along the way.

Weaved throughout is the Lord's presence + direction. Hallelujah!

Find out more about Faith & her work: https://faithbynum.com

Connect with her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/faith-bynum-cpa-mba-38570310/

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