Ep 270: The Superpower of Visibility (6 Essential Social Media Strategies that Create Clients)


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Social media gets a LOT of attention today as a go-to marketing tool.

It’s certainly true that social platforms provide an opportunity that simply didn’t exist years ago - the opportunity to reach millions around the world.

But HOW can your social media efforts get RESULTS? And actually create CLIENTS?

My guest today is here to offer 6 essential social media strategies to do exactly that.

Meet Heather Heuman. Heather is a digital missionary, social media strategist, international speaker and author, with 22 years experience in sales, social media and business. She's helped over 75 brands and is the founder & host of the ‘Business, Jesus and Sweet Tea’ podcast.

Listen as we discuss:

- the fact that God is your CEO, but YOU still need to show up - how to leverage video on social media (without fancy equipment and tech skills) - visibility with intention: the golden strategy on social - the importance of communicating well - why having 3 business goals is the starting point for your content

Grab Heather's 31-day social media content calendar: https://www.sweetteasocialmarketing.com/contentcalendar

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