Ep 271: How This High Performer Stopped Playing Safe & Became the Go-to Leadership Coach for Corporate Women


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Today we’re talkin' high performance. And I know you’re a high achiever. A let's-get-it-done and get-it-done-well kinda girl.

This episode is for those still in corporate (I know MANY of you listen to the show, with aspirations of launching your own business one day) AND for those who've already taken the leap of #faith to become an entrepreneur!

Meet Andrea Martin, CEO of Andrea Martin Consulting. She's quickly become THE go-to coach for high performing corporate women. She’s had experience leading multi-billion (yes, that’s billion with a B) dollar projects and brings all of her experience and education together to deliver a straightforward coaching perspective for her clients.

A beautiful sister in Christ, Andrea is a mother of 2, wife, immigrant & people leader who understands the dynamics of what it takes to wear many hats, while still moving towards your goals.

Andrea & I met in a Mastermind and I thought this conversation would go in a different direction - focusing on executive & life coaching. But God.....oh how He moves!

Listen to hear two sisters share how God has moved in order to fulfill His purposes in maximizing the high ambition He put in our hearts so that others could be helped & that glory would be given to the Lord.

Let this episode be a testimony to what I often say: FAITH is the #1 metric for success. Hallelujah!

We talk about:

-Andrea's incredible story of massive success, both in the workplace and as a SERIAL entrepreneur

-Her 'hard truth' - intelligence and hard work will only get you so far; without STRATEGY you will be lost

-How to 'reinvent' yourself, including how to position yourself for what you want

PLUS: how to create a more balanced lifestyle.

Find out more about Andrea: https://www.andreamartinconsulting.org

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