Ep 273: The Truth About Sales (From a Biblical Perspective)


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If you hate 'sales' and say to yourself 'I am NOT a salesperson' this is YOUR episode!

If you believe sales is sinful... If you believe money is evil... If you believe being rich (or having ambition) is, itself, sinful...

...my prayer is that this episode would shift your thinking (because everything I say here is built on Biblical truth.

Fact: if you're an entrepreneur with that thought, your brain is literally REPELLING clients. (Think of the people you aren't able to serve simply because of your mindset around sales, let alone the dollars you're missing out on as a result.)

In this episode, I reveal my Serve to Sell philosophy. Where sales actually FEELS good. Sales built on service. Sales grounded in authentic caring about the other person.

Get ready for a palpable shift, a confidence boost & a dramatically different result to your bottom line!

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