Ep 276: Women of Faith - Changing the World through Action & Leadership


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Welcome to this special episode, featuring Alita Reynolds: President of Women of Faith and the Host of the Women of Faith Show. Her life purpose: inspiring others to find Jesus by bringing out God's beautiful story in people’s lives.

Alita is a Certified Master Christian Life Coach and sought-after speaker and serves as a Reference Board Member of the International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI) as well as a Trainer and Mentorship Coach with ICCI.

Listen to this episode to hear:

-Alita's God-ordained pivot from entrepreneurship to life of ministry with Women of Faith

-what Life Leadership looks like and why it is a model for all of us

-Alita's commitment to the 'march to a billion': her deep desire to strengthen movements that are radically changing the world by taking action

-her important work with ICCI - providing the opportunity to coach others toward their God-goals and living their life on purpose

-the deets about ICCI's upcoming 'In Focus & Empowered' Conference happening Sept. 29-Oct. 1st (https://iccicoaching.com/conference)

-what it's like working with your hubby (and how her hubs supports her, in life + work/ministry)

Check out Women of Faith's amazing Resources: https://www.womenoffaith.com/resources

For more about Alita and Women of Faith: womenoffaith.com. Follow @womenoffaith on IG: instagram.com/womenoffaith

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