Ep 278: Living on Purpose: The Power of Your Unseen Life (in a seen world)


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"The unseen is what makes the seen indestructible." Bethany Murdock.

Bethany is a Board certified master life coach & Foundations Coach who helps people repair, rebuild and restore the foundations of their lives (whether in business, ministry or your personal life).

She serves on the International Christian Coaching Institute's (ICCI) Board of Reference as a Mentoring Coach and Coach trainer. And is a Guest Voice with Women of Faith ministries.

Listen to learn:

-the value of the unseen life (aka the part we least focus on in this ‘seen’ world)

-working from your focused foundational center (ie, the Truth) and finding your purpose being found in Christ.

-manager OR extender: which are you?

You'll leave feeling empowered & inspired to live your purpose and speak your message unapologetically & boldly.

Request Bethany's free resource (specially made to accompany this episode): http://www.bethanylentzmurdock.com/contact.html

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