Ep 279: Women, Leadership & Neuroscience: How Your Brain Impacts Success


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Whether you’re the CEO of your own business OR a woman in corporate, you are gonna eat up every morsel of this episode.

We’re talking about women, leadership and neuroscience: how our brain impacts our behavior and - ultimately - our success.

(If - like me - you're not 'a science-y person' no worries; my guest is breakin' it all down for us!)

Meet my beautiful friend & sister in Christ, Dr. Aimee Sanchez. Neuropsychologist & Leadership expert for women, with a reputation for creating transformational experiences for CEOs, C-Suite Leaders, Business Owners, and Women in Senior Leadership.

Listen to learn:

-how Aimee went from corporate to entrepreneurship - AND the 1 thing she had to do differently that changed your life + your business, forever

-what makes mindset critically important, in business and leadership

-why a corporate job can bring a false sense of security

-knowing women struggle with imposter syndrome, how can we think about ourselves - as a leader - and really BELIEVE it?

-5 personality types that can trip you up in your life, career, and business

Grab Aimee's free gift: https://bit.ly/drsanchez-ODconsult-30min

Learn more about Aimee & her work: www.dravsanchez.com

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