Ep 297: How to Pre-Sell: Sign Clients BEFORE Your Program is 'LIVE'


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In this episode, you'll learn how to presell spots in your programs BEFORE all your content is created.

(Yes, this is not only possible but - as you'll hear - doing so can serve not only you but also your client as well)

Listen as I share:

- how I sold premium services WITHOUT the things the gurus say are 'necessary' (and how YOU can too) (7:29)

- why pre-selling benefits not just you, but, even more importantly, your client (17:18)

- one CAVEAT when it comes to pre-selling (ie, when should you NOT presell) (17:46)

- the 1st step to pre-selling (great news! it’s not salesy or pushy, in ANY way) (19:56)

PLUS you'll hear my best tip for discerning who you can trust when it comes to business advice (what I call your 'red flag list')


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