Ep 300: Top 10 Episodes & Giveaway Winners Announced


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It's time to announce the WINNERS of our 300th Joyful Scaling Podcast Giveaway! (2 ladies will win a $100 Gift Card & 1 gets an 8-week seat inside my Academy). Total prizes valued at $1,500 PLUS I'll highlight our Top 10 Episodes: -the BEST 5 episodes to listen to if you're in the EARLY STAGE of business (looking to make your 1st $100K; & -the BEST 5 episodes if you're a more SEASONED CEO (ready to scale). To find ALL the Joyful Scaling Podcast episodes: judyweber.co/podcast Top 5 Early-Stage Episodes:

1 - Ep 290: The 4 Stages of Business: From Brand New to Million Dollar CEO

2 - Ep 292: Being CEO: Certain, Calm & Faith-Fueled

3 - Ep 298: The Right Offer Framework (& the Irresistibility Factor)

4 - Ep 277: The 3 Vital Aspects to Winning at Sales (More Leads + Higher Conversions)

5 - CLIENT SUCCESS STORY: Ep 173: How One Mindset Shift Resulted in a High Ticket Sale In Just 3 Days!

Top 5 Scaling Episodes:

1 - Ep 265: 7 Mistakes Keeping You Stuck Below $250K!

2 & 3 -Eps. 247 & 251: Your Top 10 Scaling & Biz-Building FAQs (Part 1)

4- Ep 191: 3 key strategies every biz needs to scale..with JOY…strategies…= high level thinking

5-Ep 284: Client Success Story - How Danielle Generated More Revenue in ONE Month Than All of 2021!

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